In addition to my personal songwriting and musical pursuits, I am also passionate about journalistic reporting in the realms of music and other forms of art! I believe that art is the most powerful form of expression, for it is what differentiates us humans from other living things, we can distill difficult issues and themes into poetry, into music, into painting. This power is unique to humans; its significance is not to be underestimated.


I currently write for the Music beat of the Arts and Entertainment section in the Columbia Daily Spectator, which is another manner in which I have been able to stretch and enhance my knowledge and personal understanding of music's power to challenge problems of society, synthesize difficult truths into artful, beautiful mediums, and above all, serve as a universal language that connects us all.


In this portion of the website, you will find: 

  • A compilation of articles I have written or co-written for the Columbia Spectator, including profiles, music event coverage, and remote COVID-19 coverage

  • The current working manuscript (a live document that I am constantly adding to!) of a narrative-style novel I have begun to write about my Korean Grandmother, Halmoni