"You're a consummate songwriter, Bella. For every song of yours I've heard, including your newest, English Major, I will say that I love your lyrics, your melodies, and your unusual chord changes. I also love your musicianship, your vocals, and your tracks. You have everything it takes to become a great success as an artist and as a songwriter."


-Bob Leone, artist manager, music publisher, artist consultant, national projects director of the Songwriters Hall of Fame (1988-2006), national projects director of the Songwriters Guild of America (1981-1988).

"Bella B’s new track “English Major” sits atop a tightly-knit groove, with lo-fi production that brings Sade comparisons to mind whilst upholding a contemporary edge. Bella’s silky voice and  thoughtfully-penned lyrics effortlessly bounce along to warm electric pianos, a pulsing bass line and vintage drum machines. She tells of her struggle with valuing the complexities of language arts in a digital age when they are often shamefully overlooked. On heavy rotation."


-Mark Sexton

Producer, Singer-Songwriter, The Sextones, Whatitdo