When I was five years old, my mother informed me that I would begin taking classical piano lessons. Initially, I was indifferent, but that nonchalance quickly changed. I grew to despise the piano and would scribble "I hate piano!" over and over again in a little notebook I had until all the pages were filled.


Fast forward 13 years, and now the thing that used to be my main stressor is the one that brings me the most joy and inner peace. Music only became a positive escape once I started playing music that I felt passionate about, music to which I could actually sing along. 


In sixth grade, I started writing songs in earnest and began to realize the power of blending words and melody to express the vulnerable topics that I didn't have the courage to approach by simply talking. Throughout high school, I took part in multiple bands through my school's music program and wrote my own stuff whenever I got the chance. Music has most definitely saved me from the darkest times of my life, and my central goal in writing is to help spur courage in others who may connect with my words to share their emotions and truths - no matter how difficult -  with those they love and hold close. 


Thank you for visiting my website and thank you for checking out my work! It truly means the world to me <3 


Bella B